Acro Gymnastics

We are very excited to add AAU Acro Gymnastics to the field of sports that we have for 2019.

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Hello AAU Acro Clubs:

After a long struggle with many unforeseen obstacles to deal with, the YouTube tutorial for levels 2, 3 and 4 that I have written and developed is a reality! Below is the link for you to use. I think that the tutorial will be a great tool, making teaching the levels so much easier. Here’s some helpful suggestions:

The levels are listed as individual elements first, then the pair/group elements next. You may put the elements in any order you like in your routines. The text description is listed under each video.

There is no time limit on routines but the old rule of “shorter is better” applies.

The routines do not have to use the entire floor mat. Pattern can be straight line facing judges, with a little variation from the line for interest. (Size to side in judges vision, not front to back).

Use simple creativity for getting into and out of skills. Artistry is a very important part of Acro, so teach gymnast to make eye contact before, during and after elements. And smile at judges or show expression relating to the music.

For walk-out and walk-off, choose a “gate” on side of mat and use it for entering and exiting.p that is close to starting pose area. One gymnast salutes judge and all gymnasts walk in straight leg, relieve’ or “high heels” position. Gymnasts may swing arms, have hands on hips or other stationary position while walking out. Remember some kids can’t seem to coordinate arms and legs, so maybe stationary arms are better for them. The first movement is after gymnasts are in beginning poses and music starts. A wait to pick up downbeat of music before beginning routine is allowed.

Watch for foot movement of bases during elements. Deductions occur for every extra step per judge, per gymnast. Tops AND bases must now finish pair/group elements with feet together AFTER top lands and element is completed.

Train to hold elements 3-5 seconds bc then there’s no doubt they hard the required 2-3 seconds. Elements not held could result in not being awarded the element at all.

These are some tips I’m sharing. Please contact me with any questions regarding routines and Olivia Gill at regarding judging questions.

For levels 5-7, AAU follows the National Governing Body, USA Gymnastics rules with minor modifications. Please refer to the USAG website for videos, and reference materials.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I have discovered a mistake in the video-the video of Level 3 PAIR INDIVIDUAL ELEMENT requirements is actually Level 3 GROUP, NOT PAIR, which is incorrect on first frame. ┬áThere should be two gymnasts (pair), not three (trio or officially known as a group). There are a few other possible mistakes in the level 3 women’s pair segment. We will get that corrected ASAP.

My sincerest thanks to Ethan Nelson for taking some very amateur volunteer footage and making it look spectacular. Ethan is a gifted young man with a passion for tech things. (Well, he had his work cut out for him!) Thank you to Laura Hart, Horizon team mom, for doing some of the videos and helping make this project a reality.

A great big thank you to our voiceover artists, Laura, Sheryl, Claire, Riley and Kalle.

And most of all to our demonstrators-Claire, Kalle, Riley, Gianna, Keonna, Alex, Sydney, Rylee and Calista. These talented athletes volunteered hours to help grow our sport by providing visual education to our AAU Acro community.

Even though this endeavor was produced by amateur volunteers, it truly was a labor of love for the sport of Acro and we hope this tutorial makes teaching levels 2, 3 and 4 much easier for everyone. And if you haven’t started a program yet, we hope this will make that decision a whole lot easier!